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DIY Spinach Power


Spinach is not a favorite food of many, and a lot of kids absolutely detest it. That okay because no matter who in your family isn’t keen on spinach we have some great ideas of how you can get them to eat it. Now in some cases it may be...

DIY Quick Chicken Mini and Dessert Lunch


Yummies for your Tummies – Mini chicken pot pies & Dolly Vardens There is no getting around it, we all have to eat. Some of us almost live to eat, while others eat to live. It is a necessity of a life so it’s worth putting the effort into making...

DIY Origami Thats Fun and Edible Too


EDIBLE ORIGAMI! If you are new to origami you have probably heard the term and know its done with paper but that’s about it. The true meaning of origami is it’s a Japanese art that entails folding paper into unique decorative shapes and figures. Okay this sounds like fun and...

Lava Lamp for kids

DIY Quick and Easy Lava Lamp Making for Kids


  We are really excited to bring you this series on lava lamp making for the kids because its one of those combination series of learning and playing at the same time. You could say it has a scientific note to it. It is such a joy to see the...

DIY Playhouses the Kids Will Go Crazy Over


As parents or children caregivers we are always on the hunt for ideas that will keep the kids healthy, happy and active. This is a tall order especially when it comes to keeping them happy. As we all know the toys that are on the market today are not cheap,...

DIY Wine Barrel Furniture How Tos

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Recycling is so much fun and at the same time is really rewarding in many different ways. In this series we are so excited to share with you some ideas about wine or whiskey barrels that have been turned into absolutely exquisite pieces of furniture, and all of fully capable...

DIY Paper Flowers Home Decor


Whenever you can do something inexpensive for your home decor and make it look professional and unique, then its well worth looking at. If you haven’t been involved in paper flowers as a craft yet, then you are in for a pleasant surprise. You are going to be absolutely amazed...

DIY How to Turn Old Clothes into New Treasures


Many of us have that special collection of old clothes that really are our favorites. We have even overlooked how ragged or faded they may have become. They say that “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”, and when it comes to this type of clothing truer words were...

diy planter boxes

Amazing DIY Garden Boxes for the Young Old and In Between


There are a lot of different reasons why so many people want to grow their own veggies. There are also lots of different reasons why they aren’t able to. First lets look at why you would want to: It is a money saver: When veggies and fruits are in season...

frozen ice fun

Frozen Crafts That Are Sure to Please


It isn’t always easy trying to keep the kids busy and entertained. Whenever they are bored it seems like they head for the TV or video games. Many parents are now trying to discourage this for many different reasons. At the same time they want to keep the kids creatively...

DIYCamper Ideas

You Can Do It Build Your Own Camper


What a wonderful thought it is to think about jumping in your car and setting off for whatever destination that appeals to you with a camper in tow. Just rambling along and when the urge strikes you then its just a matter of finding an appropriate place to pull over...

Amazing Bry Wall Art

Expanding Your Creativity with Home Dry Wall Art


Almost every home owner wants their home to be unique and they usually focus on their décor to do this. This is easy, but there are more innovative ways to do this too. The use of art is a great way, but what if your art showings in your home...

DIY Shampoo basics

Money Saving DIY Home Made Shampoo


We all like to save money, and a lot of us are beginning to take an interest in the more natural. For example we are looking for natural health alternatives, and more natural skin care options, which includes more natural shampoos. Which brings us to all all the potential natural...

Quick and Easy Kite Making and Kite Fun for the Kids


During the cold winter months following the Christmas season and the kids have become bored with their Christmas toys, then “cabin fever” starts to sink in. You can really ease this “sick of being stuck in the house feeling” by doing some kite making that will be ready to go...