Brighten Up Any Garden With These Cute Clay Plant Pots

Well Winter is nearly upon us, and already the memories of our colorful gardens seem like a long distance memory.  Most of our summer bedding has died away leaving areas of our garden and backyards looking dull and lifeless. When I discovered these cute little clay plant pots it occurred to me that we could all benefit from this share and add a bit of brightness at any time of year.  Take a look and see what you think, they are simple and easy and it is a project that the kids will love too!

Cute Clay Pot People

  • These adorable clay pot people will add character to your garden! And your kids and friends will be impressed by your creativity and clever idea. Take a couple of minutes to make yourself this creative flower pot people. You can still store one plant, in their heads as a hair. Simple, unique and absolutely amazing!
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Adorable don’t you agree?  Its easy to choose some hardy plants that will do as ‘hair’ for the little critters. Most of these designs are so simple!  Others are a bit more challenging but you are only restricted by your own imagination!

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Clay Pot Critters

  • Cute critters that will bring joy and happiness into your garden.
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Clay Pot Lighthouse

  • This idea for your garden is simple enough, but it may require some artistic abilities. Glue some clay pots together and once they dry, paint them like a lighthouse.
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via DIY Clay Pot Cuties That Will Make Your Garden Look Outstanding – Top Inspirations

This idea has been around for quite a few years, but these particular clay plant pots cuties really will brighten up your garden for years to come.  Remember to share your own ideas with us all. The idea of the long winter Months ahead are made a little more bearable by adding a little bit of color to our backyards!

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