DIY and Turn Your Crock Pot into the Perfect Bread Maker

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Turn Your Crock Pot Into the Perfect Bread Maker

Almost all of us have a crock pot tucked away somewhere most probably in a back corner of that hard to get to cupboard. It is one of those appliances that we sometimes buy then go on a cooking frenzy with it for awhile then forget about it.

Now that the warmer weather will soon be upon who wants to be stuck in the kitchen cooking. It’s time to resurrect the crock pot.

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You have probably used your crock pot for cooking main meals likes stews and roasts, but why not capitalize on everything that it is capable of doing, like making breads, cakes and other desserts.

Your particular crock pot may have come with some additions like pans or pots that you can use inside the main one, but if it didn’t that’s no problem.

First you will need to pay close attention as to the size of the crock pot so when you are looking for insert pans to use in them for making breads, cakes and desserts they will fit inside nicely.


crockpot dishes

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Souffle dishes, ramekins, cake molds and ever your ceramic cake pans can all be used inside your crock pot. Set these on the metal rack that came with your crock pot. If you don’t have one of these that will fit, then just crumple up some aluminium foil so the dish sits evenly on this.



When it comes to breads you always want to cook them on the high setting of your crock pot, low heat won’t produce good results.

Breads made from scratch:

When cooking breads they need to be covered, which you can use aluminum foil for, but make sure you have it overlap the dish so you can put a piece of string around it so you can tie it in place. If you dish has a lid then you can just use that. After you have set the dish onto of the rack or foil in the crock pot pour two cups of water around the exterior of the baking dish. If you are using a deep fryer version crock pot make sure you keep checking to insure it hasn’t run out of water.

Make sure you don’t remove this covering during the first two hours of baking. After this you can check the mixture by inserting a thin knife or toothpick to see if it is done.

Using Pre – Mixes

If you are using a cake or loaf mix you don’t need to follow the same steps as for cooking from scratch. You are going to be using more of a baking tradition as opposed to steam cooking which is the scratch cooking is.

You can set your baking dish right into the slow cooker without having to use a rack or foil. You don’t need to add any water either.

For a cover use four or five layers of paper towels spread across the top of the baking dish, making sure they don’t settle down onto the mixture.

Also, leave the lid of the slow cooker slightly open during the cooking time.

Slow cookers build up moisture and you don’t want the top of your bread or loafs to be soggy.

Here is a great bread recipe to get you going:

Yummy Brown Bread:


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  1. i read everyone’s cotnmems before i attempted this recipe. For all those who need specifics (like i do at times) i used Buttermilk Grands biscuits by Pillsbury. i did cut them in half and I squeezed 14 in there. 13 would have been comfortable but i didn’t know how to cook a ball of biscuit so i just squeezed. i did make extra glaze (i even added 1 tsp of cinnamon sugar in the glaze). i cooked them for about 2h 15m and they were still a little soft, but 2h and 30m was good. My crockpot is fairly new and i did use a liner. they came out beyond fantastically great (my boyfriend ate 9 of the 14) and THANK YOU to the Crock Pot Girl for being awesome and posting this recipe.

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