DIY and Turn Your Crock Pot into the Perfect Bread Maker

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You will find that you can adapt almost any one of your recipes to cooking in the crock pot. Its a time saver so go for it.

break in crock pot

The following recipe is not the one used in the image, but you can go to for this one as an alternative to the one below, or just use your favorite.




Easy Made Boston Brown Bread:

Equipment you will need:

Large bowl

Small bowl

Measuring cup

Measuring spoons

Two baking dishing that can hold approx. 1 pound of mixture

Spatula for mixing



Corn meal

Rye flour

Baking soda


Whole wheat flour


Sour milk or buttermilk



In the large bowl put 1 cup cornmeal, 1 cup rye flour, 1 1/2tsp. baking soda,1tsp.salt, 1 cup wheat flour. Gently mix all these together.

In a small bowl put 2 cups of sour milk(or buttermilk) and stir in ¾ cup molasses.

Slowly stir in the dry ingredients into this a little at a time. You only want to stir enough to ensure it is well blended but not over stirred. Fold in 1 cup raisins.

Grease your cooking dish then pour the mixture into the cooking dish. Place the cooking dish into the crock pot on a rack or foil, then pour two cups of water around this. Put lid on slow cooker. Cook on high 2 ½ to 3 hours. Carefully remove pan from crock pot, let it cool for about 10 minutes, then turn bread out onto a rack to cool.


Some people like to use one pound coffee cans as their cooking vessel for this. I personally don’t like using items other than what they were intended for, so I stick with the conventional baking dishes. By doing this my version of this bread comes out like the shape of round bread such as pumpernickel rather than tube shaped, which is fine by me. The choice is yours.

You will also want to experiment as to whether this particular bread cooks better uncovered or covered according to your particular model of slow cooker. One this is for sure is once you have mastered it according to your cooker, it is one that your family will demand time and time again.

You can serve this bread warm to compliment your main course, or serve it as a light dessert following your meal.

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  1. i read everyone’s cotnmems before i attempted this recipe. For all those who need specifics (like i do at times) i used Buttermilk Grands biscuits by Pillsbury. i did cut them in half and I squeezed 14 in there. 13 would have been comfortable but i didn’t know how to cook a ball of biscuit so i just squeezed. i did make extra glaze (i even added 1 tsp of cinnamon sugar in the glaze). i cooked them for about 2h 15m and they were still a little soft, but 2h and 30m was good. My crockpot is fairly new and i did use a liner. they came out beyond fantastically great (my boyfriend ate 9 of the 14) and THANK YOU to the Crock Pot Girl for being awesome and posting this recipe.

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