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Types of Artificial Lawns

This is quite a minefield.  There are a lot of different manufacturers on the market now and they are all hoping to get your custom.  The best way to decide is to ask yourself about the purpose of your artificial lawn.  If it’s for aesthetics only, and you want that just mowed look then shorter the better.  If the lawn is for activities with the children then you need the curled product as the straight cut can eventually go flat and will be slippy.  Remember to ask for samples in the post, that way you will have a better idea.

Other questions to ask yourself is does it have a  matched likeness to real grass, is it a soft and non-abrasive texture, does it have a holed backing which is essential for drainage.  I have found an article that pretty much covers some of the questions asked above and goes into great detail about the whys and hows…

Foras Studio West Village NYC artificial grass ; Gardenista

Above: Too much shade and too much maintenance were reasons owners of a townhouse in Manhattan’s West Village chose a lawn of artificial grass instead. Photograph via Foras Studio.

What is artificial grass?

Artificial turf is made from a mixture of polymers (plastics), which make up the grass, combined with infill of sand and/or ground-up rubber to make it soft and shock absorbent.  Invented in 1964, it was first developed as a solution for dome-covered athletic fields which did not have enough sunlight to support natural grass. While it continues to be largely used for athletic fields, with recent advancements its use has moved quickly into commercial and residential landscaping….Read full article here

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Do your homework first.  Be absolutely certain that you want to take away ‘the real thing’.  Planning and preparation is the key to a having the lawn of your dreams using artificial grass.  Shop around for the right type to suit your requirements.  Be certain that the ground you are going to prepare the grass for drains away adequately, if not be sure to get advice on the correct foundation.

One last tip. if the lawn is going to be laid for dogs to use be sure to research first.  There are some artificial grass companies that specialise in this area.  For obvious reasons it needs to have good drainage and be strong!

I hope this article helps you. and I wish you every success in your venture!  Will love to see some finished projects posted here!


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