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The following are suggestions only.  You may feel the whole idea of an article titled build a dog kennel, is so that you have the resources just to do that.  The idea of self-assembly structures will eliminate the need for plans, and with careful shopping around are of superior quality.  The following site gives you an idea of the type of dog kennels and runs that are available.

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Think too about your neighbors they might not be too happy for a kennel to be right up against the property boundary, remember if you have a large dog then your kennel will need to be of an appropriate size for it to move around freely.

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So, think about your design, and location, if you are adding a dog run and your dog is a bit of an escapologist do you need some form of roof on the run too?   When you know what you want for your pet, and where it will go then is the time to get to the wood yard and the hardware store and learn how to build a dog kennel!  You can consider the self-assembly options too, as I say it is really down to personal choice and the budget you set yourself.  Happy building!

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