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Some people simply just love the look of crystals, while others feel they have a deeper purpose.

For example:

Agate depicts strength and courage. It is said to help balance out the mind and body and to help stabilize emotions. It’s healing properties are supposed to be comprised of the ability to get rid of negative energy.

Apoplyllite is said to be a connector between physical and spiritual realms. It is promoted to help one release their emotions.



nail polish crystal



Faux Crystals:

We were able to find you some wonderful instructions on how to make faux crystals using your left over nail polish at love maegan

“With an influx of styles reminiscent of the ’70s, ’90s, as well as a return of the bohemian flair in all things decor, rocks, crystals, and gemstones are rather trendy at the moment. But they’re also really expensive. If you want the look for decor purposes and not so much for the healing quality of the stones and crystals themselves, then this DIY is for you.

Living in the mountains, rocks are easy to come by, but I suggest you search your yards and streets for small and medium sized rocks with great jagged edges to create these fun artsy faux crystals. I’m going to use them as decor accents, paper weights, and maybe even adhere a few smaller ones alone or in clusters to the top of a plain box to create a unique jewelry box that’s all my own. You can even glue on heavy duty magnets to the smaller ones for great refrigerator magnets as well. Get creative!

I’m extremely excited about the way these turned out, I can’t even tell you how much I love them! The pink, blue, and purple stones are my faves. You can really see the color variations in person a lot better than in the photos.”

Please visit love maegan for the full instructions on how to make your very own faux crystals


If you still have enough energy left, and are up for one more project, then let us give you another quick hit that you can do with that left over polish.

Got any old shoes kicking around? That still have some life left in them, but they are a bit scruffy, or you are just sick of them as they have become boring? Well don’t throw them out. Lets see if there is something on them that could be embellished.

shoe embellishment one

Now these are pretty boring, but boy do they look comfy. If you have a pair similar to these think about making one of the extra stones like you saw for the rings, and using it to dress these up. If you wanted to be really frugal, then instead of gluing the stone on, put a clip on the back of the stone. That way you can make a whole bunch to match your nail color and have the shoe clip ons to match. It used to be that you would match your purse and shoes, now you can match your nail color to your shoes. How cool is that!


nail polish shoes two

Okay, you are probably thinking that this style went out years ago, but don’t fool yourself they will be back, and in some shoe stores they probably already are. Now the red is pretty bright, but if you want to soften it a bit, then why not add some glitter to the toe section? You could go with the clear glitter or for a really wow factor go for the gold glitter.


shoes nail polish 3

You can probably pick up a similar version from the dollar store. These are really pretty, but once you put your feet in them all the pretty colors are gone. Perfect for dressing up those clear straps with some of your left over nail polish.


Well there you have our nail polish use it up series. If you have any additional ideas of what to do with left over nail polish we would love to here them. Please post them here. Also please give us a like on face book if you enjoyed this post!

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