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Yarn Globes and Lamp Shades

A very popular lampshade that is expensive to buy is ones made from yarn. Now these are another project that are fun and rewarding.  If you have ever wanted to make your own lampshades then you wouldn’t go far wrong by starting here.  Some people even make a living from this sort of creative skill.  Imagine being able to offer your friends and family accessory lamp shades to match their decor?  For myself I am just happy to save money and have fun by decorating my own home with unique finishings.  Take a look at the video below, I found this extremely easy and informative to follow along with…


By taking the time to create your own lampshades you are adding a touch of uniqueness and satisfaction to your life.  The fact that you can also save money has got to be a bonus.  The whole project should be fun, if you are anything like me you will be hooked!  Another great tip is to simply refurbish your existing lamp shades.  I have posted a great link below that will give you some great ideas

How to: Fancy Lampshade Makeover DIY – YouTube
Jan 18, 2014 Have an old lampshade that needs some love? I’ll show you an easy way to give it a couture makeover with just a glue gun and a little bit of …



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