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In a previous post we talked about making off the ground garden boxes for growing veggies, or even as a flower display.

For those that we know who have made use of these garden boxes we found them to be of great value to seniors who had very limited garden space. Plus, it is ideal when they are built at waist level so there is no bending.

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Tower Garden

One thing that we discovered is that they loved them so much that they tended to overcrowd them a little with their favorite veggies so they weren’t getting a great yield.

We figured that this amazing garden bottle addition would be perfect for giving them more space it their garden box or even as a end addition.

First lets take at look at this amazing an innovative idea:



So as you can see these are perfect for additional garden growing where big quantities aren’t required.


Now the following video will give you the directions you need to build the tower garden from bottles.




Amazing DIY Garden Boxes for the Young Old and In Between

To incorporate this idea into your container garden, you can either use a wire trellis that runs along one side of it or on the end. If you fasten to the outside you can add more bottles, but will be a little more difficult to reach for the senior gardener.




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