DIY Fall Leaf Crafts

The colors that are present in the fall leaves really deserves to be preserved. While they are beautiful to look at there is so much that you can do with this from a craft point of view. Here are some diy fall leaf crafts ideas to get you started.

A lot of people love to make wreaths for their doors to depict the changing seasons. One of the nicest fall wreaths can be made from leaves.

leaf wreathimage source:craftsforallseasons

You can click on the image source for the detailed instructions to complete this simple but beautiful project. It is one the kids will really love doing with you.

Making light shine through the beautiful color of the leaves is really spectacular

leaf lightimage source:houseofjoyfulnoise

These would even be nice to put out on your porch at night to give it a beautiful fall appearance

For thanksgiving it is always nice to bring a little of fall indoors. These leaf bowls will certainly be a conversation piece.

leaf bowlsimage source;hellolucky


Craft store leaf garland, Mod Podge (matte finish), Foam Brush, Balloon, Scissors, Mixing bowl

*Tip: try to find thin, paper-like leaves for your garland. The thinner the leaves, the better they will mold to the shape of your balloon. Also, avoid any plastic-coated leaves.

How To:

1. Begin by snipping the leaves off the strand of garland. Leave about 1/8″ at the base.

2. Carefully rip the entire plastic stem (and all the veins!) off of the faux leaves (See image above). This will help the leaves mold to the shape of the balloon.

3. Fill up your balloon to size. We stuck ours inside a mixing bowl to keep it in place.

4. With your mod podge in a cup near by, gently apply a thin layer on top of your balloon, starting in the middle and working your way out.

continue reading the instructions on hello lucky

No matter what leaf project you are going to take on, you need to preserve the leaves

Things You’ll Need

  • Styrofoam disposable plates or a flat pan
  • Glycerin
  • Rock or other slightly heavy object
  • Paper towels

Read more :

How about making a beautiful banner of leaves with your own sayings written on it
leaf garlandimage source;lovepaperpaint
No matter which leaf craft you are going to take on, make sure you pick nicely colored leaves and that your preserve them appropriately.

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