DIY Goulish Treats if You Dare

We all have to admit there are some pretty rough looking treats that can be whipped up for halloween, and for those with a touchy stomach then maybe these DIY goulish treats just might not be for you. For those of you that like to create a shock impact then you are surely going to want to whip up a few batches of some of these.

Here’s looking at you!

eyeball pizzaimage source:docerewellness.wordpress

If you are trying to get the family to eat healthy then this pizza will help in this regard and will surely shake them up a bit as well.

Scary pizza Faces

What you will need:

  • Whole wheat pitas
  • Organic  tomato sauce
  • Mozzarella cheese
  • An assortment of veggies: mushrooms, black olives, peppers, grated carrots (great for hair)
  • Any other topping your heart may desire

Lather the tomato sauce on the pitas and have the participants build scary faces with their toppings.docerewellness.wordpress

Eyeballs Anyone?

eyeball popsimage source:fancy-edibles

  • One tablespoon buttercream (mixing 60g butter with 60g icing sugar and few drops of vanilla essence)

  • 100g melted white chocolate chips Tesco have good ‘uns 85p.

  • 100g finely grated, red vanilla sponge (you can tint your regular sponge mix batter with red food colouring, and bake it, after it cooled down, finely grate a thick slice of it with a grater or in a food processor)

  • Black and green  coloured ready to roll icing Lakeland have a good ones for £1.49 each.

  • Disposable plastic forks

  • Red writing icing trusty Tesco again £2.34

  • checkout the full instructions at kids junkie


How about some pickled eyeballs?

pickled eyeballsimage source:kidsveggiefood

Click on the image link for the full instructions, and you can bet the kids are going to love this one.


Now this really does boarder on disgusting but you must admit it is tempting to shock some of the family members with this cat poop fudge.

cat poop fudgeimage source: instructables

It will be interesting to see which of your family members will dig in first. Just click on the image link for instructions.


head cakeimage source: domestic sugar

Do you think you could go this far with your Halloween shocker?

Here are a few more brains for you…

brainsimage source:wikihow

Now these aren’t for the little ones because they are jello shots made with alcohol.

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