DIY Halloween Costumes That Will Make You a Winner

If you are going to a halloween party this year where there just happens to be a prize for the best costume, then you are going to stand a good chance at winning if you make and wear any of these diy halloween costumes that we are featuring here. Please be sure and leave a comment of the one you like the best.

A Christmas Angel:


socialcostumesoneimage source:adesignerlife

Now you are going to be amazed at just how easy this is going to be to make and wear, so check out the very detailed and amazing details to do so here


Expecting Moms can dress up too!

socialcostumestwoimage source: ezzly.hubpages

How easy is this. Just print the words on a plain shirt. Then take some doll parts and poke them into the sweater. Don’t forger to have the arms holding a mini trick or treat bag as a little extra!


Now a jellyfish really would be original

jellyfish costumeimage source: instructables

Of course you are going to want to tip the hat back so you can see but this really is cute


A Fairy Beyond All Others

Now you can find plenty of costumes to make to be a fairy, but surely you will want to go to the trouble of making these fiber optic fairy wings because they are going to make your costume look spectacular

fairy wingsimage source: instructables

Click on the image source to find out how you can make these, you are going to love it.

Now you really need to look close at this one so you can determine how it is made

headless costumeimage source:ideas.coolest-homemade-costumes

You can click on the image source and it will give you the basics of how to make this, but you need to look at the image carefully. You will see the little girl’s real head poking out of the waist here, and the upper section that happens to be headless is made from pipes. Check it out.

Remember that no matter what costume you are making to keep it safe. You want to use fire retardant materials, and make sure the mask you use or make allows for good viability. If you are using any type of lighting be absolutely sure that it is safe for use.

Don’t forget to share your creations with us we would love to feature them.

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