DIY Halloween Masks That Are Impressive

Sure you buy your Halloween mask just like a lot of people do, but if you really want to be different and create a WOW! factor then you might want to start working on some of these DIY Masks now.

werewolf mask

image source: instructables

Here is a list of the main supplies you will need:

Foam board 16×20 -(Although this can be substituted for any sturdy medium, such as cardboard, I highly recommend using foam board. It’s lightweight, durable, easy to cut and work with and you should be able to find a good size piece for under $10)

Fur – For the mask, you will not need as much as I have pictured. Go to your local craft store and see if you can find them in the 9×12 sheets. It’s much cheaper, and you can choose from a few different colors. 3 sheets should be more than enough for the mask.

Ruler – Used for measuring and making cuts in the foam board. I recommend a metal ruler, but it isn’t mandatory.

Masking tape – Highly essential. Used for adding durability and shape to the frame of your mask.

Cutting Tool – I use an X-acto knife, but anything with a sharp blade will do, such as a box cutter.

Needle/Thread – This is for sewing the beanie to the foam board for one of the later steps. You don’t have to have any sewing skills to do this, I am proof of that! But if you aren’t comfortable with using this, you can always hot glue the cap to the foam board.

Hot Glue Sticks/Gun – I cannot stress how important this is. You will need a lot of glue sticks, mostly for fur attachment. Just make sure you get more than enough, they aren’t very costly. I found a pack of 20 at the dollar store for a dollar and it was enough for the entire project.

Beanie Hat – This will be sewed to the foam board to give it a secure fit to your head. I found one at the dollar store for a dollar.

Elastic Bands – Another dollar store special. Used to make the jaw movable.

T-shirt/Fabric – used for giving the mask skin and structure. Don’t get anything special, it won’t be worth it in the long run. Something cheap will do, but I do recommend stretchable fabric.

Model Magic/Clay – You will need very little of this. If you can substitute it for anything else, feel free to.

Rebar Wire – You will need very little of this also. If you choose to substitute it, make sure that your substitution is very sturdy!

Non essentials:

Super Glue – Not necessary, but could prove useful.

Leather Scraps – Got this at my local craft store for around $3 for an entire bag of scraps. Makes the ears, nose, and mouth look more realistic.

Click on the image source for the great instructions. You are really going to love the end results of your efforts if you start making this now so you can take your time.

curly maskimage source: instructables

You don’t need a lot of fancy supplies to make a good mask. Take a look at this one as it is made from cardboard. What you may want to do first is make a sketch of the mast you want to create then find various thicknesses of cardboard to use so you can get the effects that you want.

Yes you can buy tons of Batman masks but they are all the same and boring. Why not going for something a little more impressive like this one that begins with ductape

batman maskimage source:instructables

Yes its really a paper bag!

paperbag maskimage source: instructables

Gosh if you ever wanted to impersonate someone then now is your chance.Just click on the image source for the instruction.

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