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Recycled Produce Bags with a Designer Flair

We all like to be able to keep our produce as fresh as possible, and this usually means storing them in bags that allows the air to circulate around the produce. Often when we bring them home from the grocery store they are contained in ugly perforated bags.

Some produce is better stored in the refridgerator while others like to keep it on the counter.  Either way having produce bags that look nice and serve the purpose just adds a nice extra touch.

We found a wonder how to make a produce bag from an old tee-shirt at

this was a wonderful idea:

produce bags from recycled tshirts

image source:

The author of this project explains step by step how to make these wonder creations, and as you have probably guessed they are from recycled t-shirts.

This is a very clever use of this type of clothing. Although a lot of the t-shirts we buy are pretty reasonably priced, a lot of them become one of our favorite articles of clothing, and these are the ones we don’t want to part with. Well, you won’t have to if you use some of the suggestions for them as totally outlined at

Once you have made enough produce bags, let your imagination run wild and come up with some other ideas of how you can make this pattern work for you. For example, it would make a perfect bag in a larger version for carrying wet towels in from the beach.


Okay so now lets look at another favorite item when it comes to clothing and that’s hats! How about making a really cool baseball style cap from some of your old clothing!

Old Clothing and a New Hat!


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