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Something Old into Something New

Chances are you have several pieces of favorite clothing that is worn and torn. Maybe you have a t-shirt, a blouse, and a pair of jeans. All of which have seen better days. Get them all out and see how you can recycle all these items into one new looking piece of clothing.

If the jeans are a little worn at the knees or pockets, then maybe the other pieces of clothing has some salvagable pieces that you can take from them and embellish the worn areas on the jeans.

Just to get your creative juices flowing we thought this video might help:


So in this series we have pointed you to some neat ideas of how you can recycle some of that old clothing into produce bags. We have got you thinking about making your own caps. Now we just finished spurring you onto to making old clothes look new again.

If you find that you have become so enthusiastic about turning old clothes into new treasures, and you have used up all your favorite attire, then keep in mind you can find some great clothing buys at your local thrift store. If the article doesn’t appeal to you, then at least now you know how you can alter it.

If you are looking at being extra creative you can really step it up a notch by using fabric paints. We recently did a post for the kids on decorating kites with fabric paints and you might be able to take some of the nifty ideas from this and apply it to your new recycled clothing projects.

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