DIY Ideas With Branches That Have a Wow Factor

We all hate to see the end of summer which means the leaves are falling off the branches. But all is not lost if you find some branches that have fallen from the trees as you can use these diy ideas with branches to turn them into works of art.

branch chandelierimage source:diytag

This chandelier is just made from making a globe of branches. Then paint them the color you like and add a LED light. Its the shadows that it creates that is absolutely spectacular.

With this next idea you can really think big. Imagine using something as simple as tree branches to make a fabulous room divider.

branch room dividerimage

Now this next one isn’t done with real branches, but look what painting them can do to a wall!

wall branchesimage source:andthentherewashome.blogspot.

If you click on the image link you will get some very detailed instructions on how to do this. What a wall focal point this makes. You could even do it with a dark background to make the painting of the white birch stand out even more.

Just a plain tree branch and some fairy lights can make a room look absolutely amazing.

branch lightimage source: .projectwedding

book branchimage source: ehow

You could customize this by using a real branch then building the shelves and fasten them to the walls, then stencil paint the leaves right onto the wall

What an amazing center piece this would make

wishing branchimage source:pluckingdaisies

Click on the image link for the instructions for making the wishing tree

rack branchimage source:adesignerlife

You may have to take some time and a few long walks in the woods to find the perfect sturdy branch for this idea, but it would be well worth it.

sparkle branchesimage source:momtastic

Do pay a visit to Momtastic for the instructions on how to do this, you are going to love it

Who says you have to spend a fortune on art work for your walls!

branch artimage source:lushome

The rustic look

branch lamp

image source: abitofbeesknees.blogspot


Okay so remember when using branches that they shouldn’t be used near any open flames. If you want to paint them then you will need to peel off all the bark. Use a good quality paint and make sure you use a good clear coating to help preserve them. Don’t forget to check them for bugs before bringing them into your home.


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