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De-Clutter That Room

De Cluttered Room

A great interior design tip is to always be aware of space when you’re designing. If you go crazy with a room it might end up getting cluttered. No matter how nice looking and well decorated a room is, if there isn’t enough space to move around no one will even bother to go in it. There are some fabulous information on how best to achieve this on the site I found…

Or even a zone in a room, and start decluttering that room. You can wander aimlessly around your home decluttering a little bit here and there, but it’s not as effective as focusing on one room or one small part of a room and finishing it. To that end, I’ve broken down all of the spaces in your home and the areas in each that you should plan to decluttering.

Just call this your you How to Declutter Your Home Checklist. Bookmark it, print it out, Pin It –whatever you need to do. Read More…

Well I dont know about you, but I found that a great resource and there were ideas there I would never have dreamed of.

Let’s look at the use of colours next!


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