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Try renovating your basement. Often times, basements are just used for storage and are kept dark and damp. With the same kind of attention, you give your other rooms; You could completely transform it into a place you’d like to spend time in. You could make it a recreation room, an office, or even a bedroom.  I really liked this motivational video and gives a great overview of some wonderful interior design tips for the basement…

14 Finished Basement 14 Finished Basement “Man Cave” Design Ideas (Photos)
Check out more mouth watering man cave design ideas and finished basements at Video showcases 14 incredible…


I hope you found some good information and inspiration?  The basement is a project that you can really take your time with.  The hardest part will be to make sure you have treated any damp areas first, we will look at that in another post


Did you find some interesting interior design tips?  Whenever you learn the basics, it really is quite simple to begin. Just start by using the tips you’ve learned here and your home will quickly look great! Feel free to share your own ideas by commenting below or sharing your finished projects on our facebook page.  Have fun!

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