DIY Jewelry Making for Beginners You Can Try Today


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One of the most popular crafts that you can get involved in is Jewelry design.  You can make such an individual statement and you will always be unique.  Jewelry making for beginners is therefore very rewarding!  We will be adding a lot more content and ideas over the coming Months, but for now the following information will give you an excellent starting point. This was found on the Etsy blog and it is a great read.

How can I get inspired to find my signature jewelry style?

To get inspired, I think you need to be out and about. Go to flea markets, look in shops, and look at books and magazines.

How do I pick a medium and get started making jewelry?
I would suggest starting with one simple project using materials or objects you are already comfortable with (and may even have on hand, like a stash of textiles or yarn or a collection of charms). Begin with that one project and material, and that success will lead to another. Your confidence and sense of what you like and are comfortable with will begin to take shape. And when you’re ready to take on new materials, make time to simply look at them and play with them before you tackle a specific project.


What supplies does a new jewelry maker need?
Key jewelry-making supplies depend on what type of jewelry you are going to be making. With that said, for the projects in The Jewelry Recipe Book and for overall beginners, I would suggest the following (be sure to keep them all together in a designated container!):

  • Round-nose pliers, which have tapered tips and are good for opening and closing jump rings
  • Wrapping wire
  • Flat-nose pliers, which have wider tips and are ideal for gripping, crimping, and holding jump rings in place
  • Jump rings (several sizes)
  • A good pair of scissors you use only for jewelry making (your fabric shears will get dull from cutting other materials)
  • Adhesive (like Magna-Tac 809)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Ruler (both for measuring and for its straight edge)
  • Needle and thread
  • X-Acto knife
  • Nylon thread
  • Crimps
  • Wire snips (they’re not essential, but I find them so useful!)

nancy-charms via: Jewelry Design for Beginners


The advise about keeping it simple is superb.  You will find that your confidence will soon grow and you will be taking on more involved projects very soon.

Lets take a look at how you can make a statement necklace in an hour

DIY Necklace Within an Hour Crafting with Paper

The following is a really wonderful and easy jewelry making for beginners, you will be able to design your own necklace that will simply go with any outfit!

A pile of chunky, layered necklaces lifts any outfit from casual to composed. Create a UNIQUE statement piece with this incredibly easy DIY. The bold and textured beads can be found at any local craft store or made with a paper crimper. Experiment with different shapes and colors to create colorful, unique designs.  Of course this craft can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike.


You will need:

  • Corrugated paper
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Paintbrush
  • Glue
  • Cord
  • Optional: Markers or spray paint

via: Make a DIY Statement Necklace In an Hour


Use a paintbrush to apply glue to the back (flat side) of your cutout. Be sure to leave about an inch of space unglued at the base of your shape so it doesn’t stick to your pencil in the next step.


Starting at the unglued base of your shape, roll the paper around a pencil. Go slowly to make sure that the glue binds the paper as you roll.


Optional: Once you finish rolling the paper around the pencil, apply a light coat of glue to the outside of your finished bead. (This will help protect it from the elements and make it stronger.) Leave the bead on the pencil to dry.


When your bead is dry to the touch, remove it from the pencil.


String your finished bead onto the cord of your choice; use colored or patterned cording to add a little something extra. Continue experimenting with shapes and bead-making until you have a full necklace (or three!).

Lifestyle Vertical Closeup  via: Read More  Make a DIY Statement Necklace In an Hour



As a reminder start with that one project and idea, and that success will lead to another. Your confidence and feel of what you like and are comfortable with will begin to form. Jewelry making for beginners is rewarding and when you’re ready to take on new ideas, make the effort to simply look at them and experiment before you attempt a specific project.