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Free Hand Nail Art:

You really don’t have to be an artist to do your own nail art. What you do have to do is learn the basics, use the right tools, and have some patience and practice!



Here are two great videos that shows you how to make your own nail art tools. Learn how to master these and your nail art will come out stunning.




Nail Art and Tattoo Art

Now we are encouraging you to really step out of the box here and get you to extend your art. You can keep it really dainty and simple, or you can go absolutely wild.

So lets start with a simple approach using decals for the nails and extending the tattoo art for the fingers.


basic nail art

Image source:

If you look at the decals in the image here found at Etsy, it is a terrific one for extending into finger tattoo.

What you can do is using temporary tattoo ink is draw the stem from the flower that has the one closest to the skin of your finger. Off the stem you could then put tendrils with the flowers at the end. You can easily mix colors to closely match the colors in your nail art.

You can either buy temporary tattoo pencils and inks or you can actually make your own.




Here is a video that will introduce you to how to make your own decals for temporary tattoos.


Be your own finger and nail artist:

We wanted you to get excited about progressing with your nail art so we thought this video for help to get your excitement going






In our next nail art post you are going to walk you through how to use these tools and what effects you can get from them. Plus, different types of polish applications that can totally change your art work











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