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Making Outdoor Furniture from Pallets is a really cost effective way to enhance your garden space.  There are many different styles of patio/garden furniture out there but some are so expensive that many people cannot afford them.  A brilliantly satisfying way of providing seating in your garden is to make use of recycled pallets, DIY outdoor pallet furniture is very popular.  Pallets are often just discarded by those who have no further use for them, or you may be able to purchase some cheap, clean, used pallets from a local business.  Always have a good look at the pallets you obtain to ensure they are not soaked in oil, or other potentially harmful substances.

There are some great ideas floating around, I love this following site…

One of my favorite things about our house is the fenced in back yard and patio with a carport roof above. My husband and I spend many evenings sitting outside on our patio enjoying the Texas weather, before it gets too hot. We love to entertain, and I had bought a little patio seating set last year but it only seats 4 and most times we have more people over then that. That’s where this project was birthed from and here is how I did it.

DIY Pallet Furniture

Find a design that sits comfortably within your garden space, but also think how many people you might need to seat at one time.  Once you have an idea on your design and size, obtain your pallets and other tools.
Let us take a look at some more inspirational articles.  I can totally see why DIY outdoor pallet furniture is becoming so popular
Looking at the image above you can see how the cushions and color scheme have added the personal touch.  Looking at the shell, you really can get an idea of the simplicity of these projects, and see the reason they have become so popular.

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