DIY Personal Items Gift Making That is Easy and Cheap

Okay it might seem like we are rushing the festive season a bit. We all know though that once Halloween is past then it starts to get into full swing. If you don’t believe me then just take a look at the shelves of your department stores this week. Half of the Christmas stuff is already going up!

Besides if you are going to get into making your own gifts then you really need to start early. In fact, even now you may find yourself a bit rushed. Mostly because once you start making your own gifts you find it to be such fun that you keep expanding your gift giving list. We are going to be doing a lot of posts on this topic so get ready for some work.

One of the nicest collections of gifts to make are those that are personalized. When you make a gift that somebody can use to make themselves feel and look good then its a real hit.

Body Butter:

body butterimage source: hensandhoney

This body butter is all natural and really easy to make. It only contains coconut oil, coconut butter and whatever essential oil you want to use. Make sure that you have a little understanding about essential oils. They all serve a different purpose and in this case you want want that is going to be beneficial for your skin. At the same time the fragrance of the oil is important too because it can have different effects on you.

trioimage source:popsugar

This is a really nice trio of body products that use peppermint. One is a peppermint scrub, the other is a peppermint body butter and the third is a peppermint foot soak. They are look fabulous and make a perfect gift. Just click on the image link for all the instructions.

bath bombsimage source: ehow

In the list of ingredients which you will find when you click on the image link it suggests food coloring. you may want to seek out some cosmetic grade coloring instead.

These bath balms are really a great idea though and will make a perfect gift.


Soap with no lye:

Lots of people enjoy soap making but they have to be really careful with the lye that it calls for. In this recipe you don’t have to worry about that.

hand soapimage source: savynaturalista

Just the whipped appearance of this is going to be well appreciated.


We can’t leave out the men although in the near future we will give you some great gift giving items that you can make for them. Just to catch your interest though we are going to tell you about this shaving cream.

shaving creamimage source:mommypotamus

Just click on the image link for the great directions.

So here you have a few wonderful diy personal items gift making ideas to get you started. In a future post we are going to focus on making and decorating the containers that hold them so your gift becomes extra special.


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