DIY Photo Ideas that Your Family Will Love

Most of us are on a photo frenzy now that its so easy and cheap to take photographs with our smart phones. Problem is what do you do with them other then hoard them on your computer. After all who wants to go to the work of printing them just so they can be shoved into a photo album. Well with our diy photo ideas you may want to stock up on photo imaging paper because we have some fab ideas for you.

If you have any packages to send or you want to make those presents look extra special then you can do this with your images and packing tape.
packing tape photosimage source:lilblueboo

If this appeals to you then all you have to do is click on the image link and pay lilblueboo a visit for the full and very detailed instructions.

If you are into making jars of treats to give away, then why not make it extra special by placing a photo in the jar as well.

photo jarsimage source:rikkihibbert

All you have to do is cut the image to size and carefully roll it so it will fit nicely. You may want to put the goodies you are going to be using in the jar, inside a cellophane bag so as not to damage the photo.

Candle Holder Photo Memories

If you really want to make a personalized gift then this is a great choice.

candleholder photosimage source:inspiredideas

This is done with black and white photos, but no need to worry if your photos are colored. You just need to make a black and white photocopy of them. Then click on the image source for the full instructions for transferring these onto glass candle holders.

doorphotoframeimage source:prakticideas

Keep an out for somebody tossing out an old door and once you find it then you can do something magical with it like turn it into this amazing photo frame. What a money saver!

If you have a dividing wall in your home that you really want to make a focal point, then this is the ideal project for you. Turn it into a instagram wall.

instagram wallimage source:gimmesomeoven


If you would love to have some of your photos look like canvas art, but just can’t afford it then no need to worry because you can do it yourself.

canvas photosimage source:literallyinspired

If this intrigues you then just click on the image source and you are going to get all the instructions you need to create a beautiful canvas of your photos.

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