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Using Cardboard to Construct an Amazing Playhouse

We wanted to start you off on a easy but really fun to do diy playhouse so we thought that cardboard would be an ideal material to start with. This way if you make any design mistakes you can easily start over again.

amazing cardboard playhouse










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“We wanted to share this amazing idea we found on that is so innovative. Also, you can see a different version of it in the image from hannahandily.blogspot.


I wanted to make a small play house for the kids, but I didn’t want to spend money.  Aside from a $3 pack of hot glue sticks, everything I used here is stuff I already had.

I searched online for geodesic domes so I wouldn’t have to do all the math myself.  I found a suitable one that people suggested homeless people use as emergency shelter, then scaled it down and added squares on the bottom.

For this project, I used:

box cutter
pen or pencil
hot glue
white school glue
clear spray primer and top coat
white spray paint
metallic spray paint (in two colors I happened to have)
black and white acrylic paint
metal powder mixed with white glue (use metallic paint if you have it; i didn’t)
chopstick, napkin, and tape (use a round brush if you have one)
small paintbrush
large crappy paintbrush

If there were no doors or windows in this dome, it would consist of:

30 AAB triangles
10 BBB triangles
10 B squares

In this case, A measured 10 7/16 inches and B measured 12 inches.

I drew 1 inch flaps outside the edges of the triangles and squares (skipping the corners, as shown) so I could attach things together on the inside of the dome.

I left out three of the BBB triangles to make two windows and the top of the door for this project, and one of the B squares.

I suggest holding a ruler tightly while you slice along the outline of your shapes with a box cutter.  Remember to cut outside the flaps, not inside them along the triangle or square.  It helps to cut one and use it as a guide to trace the others, then cut the rest along the pencil lines, rather than measuring every time.” go to for the complete instructions and a download version.



Wow! I bet if you have completed this project it was loads of fun. Don’t forget that this is meant to be a fun project for the kids, so make sure you include them in the building of it.

Okay so now its time to move onto something a little more elaborate and a little more durable perhaps. This one is going to take you outdoors both for building and for the final location of the new abode for the young one.

A Really Cool Outdoor Playhouse


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