DIY Playhouses the Kids Will Go Crazy Over


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A Really Cool Outdoor Playhouse

A really cool playhouse

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For this next project you are going to discover how using pallets as your wood source is quick and easy and REALLY cheap. If this particular is too elaborate or time consuming for you then simply draft up your own plans and make one that is more to your liking.



Okay now most of the grunt work is going to have to be done by you Mom and Dad, but do make sure the kids get some hands on experience and fun too. Under your close supervision you won’t have any problems finding them some little tasks. Then when it gets down to decorating the new playhouse there is still tons of more fun to be had.

Now you may be getting a few complaints from the young lads in the family as what we have shown you so far is sort of geared to the real little ones and the girls. So as to not cause any family riffs here we thought we better include something just for the young guys.

You might be hearing a lot of requests from these boys for a tree house, so if you and the family are up for it then this will get you started

A Simple Yet Impressive Tree House


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