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The Bottled Tornado

Depending on the age of the kids you are working with you might be able to pull this bottled tornado demostration off as being something magical. No doubt they will soon catch on though so once they do then hand it over, and let them have some fun too.




Just in case you don’t have the right bottle connectors don’t worry this next video will help




The lava lamps and the bottled tornado have surely given you a few hours of some great fun. You may find that the boys are a little bit more interested in these projects than the girls are, but this is not always the case.

If this seems to be apparent then we are giving you one more quick project called Fairy Glow Jars. Make sure you have the supplies that you will need for this before you suggest it though.

You need some glow in the dark paint, some inexpensive artists brushes, some glitter and some common white school glue and a jar.

Be sure to check out our great projects for kids like our kit project. This is going to provide you with several more hours of fun.


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