DIY Specialty Paints For all Those Exciting Projects


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There are tons of diy projects that we bring to you as well as a multitude of others on the internet. A lot of these require the use of paint. The problem is knowing which paint to use and where to find it. So we thought we would help you with this and do a review of some of the ones that can be found most likely at a big box store close to you, or something similar. So lets begin…


Chalkboard Paint:

Now this one has really become a favorite and one of the most well known brands for this type of paint is Rust-Oleum

chalkboard spray paint chalkboardpaint


You are able to get these from major stores like The Home Depot. You can get it in the classic black, or you buy it so it can be tinted in 12 different colors. It is a great project when applied properly. You can write on it just like a regular chalkboard.


If you want to take it a step further you can make a magnetic surface. Like making that chalkboard magnetic.

magnetic paintsDid you know there is actually a paint that will allow you to create a mirrored look

mirrored paint

Here is an example, where you just need to take a glass vase and turn it into an amazing mirrored vase:

mirrored vaseimage source:home depot

How about those glow in the dark projects. Bet you didn’t know there was a great paint for this did you.

glow in the dark paintHere is a fantastic example of what you can do with glow in the dark paint. Imagine lighting up your walkway with this easy method…

glow in the dark walkwayimage source:homestead and survival


You can use any type of rocks that you want for this project so if you happen to live in an area that has lots of river rocks then this will really be a breeze. You will need to purchase a can of Rust-Oleum Glow in the Dark Paint. This is a brush on paint and you will need about a seven ounce can. If you are planning to do a relatively large area, you may want to consider picking up two cans. This idea works great with any type of landscaping design.

visit womenio for the detailed instructions on how to do this


How about those white boards? sure you can go and buy them but what about if you have a customized built in project that you want to incorporate a white board that is easy to erase and you can’t find the size? No problem because here is a project that is going to let you customize your very own chalk board.

speciality paint white boardsNow you know what product to look for you need some instructions to help you get started


Here is a wow example… painting a whole wall

white board wallimage source: a beautiful mess

Just click on the image link for some great suggestions and how to’s


So check out your local stores and you should be able to find these diy specialty paints and start creating some exciting do it yourself projects of your own