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How to Gutter Garden

Can you actually believe that this amazing collection of small veggies and herbs are being grown in gutters or discarded eavestroughs? There really is a lesson to be learned here. Before you throw anything out ask yourself could there possibly be another use for it?



gutter garden


Image source:juneauempire


Juneeauempire says in their post that they went to Home Depot and purchased some of the inexpensive plastic gutters for their project. So if you are really struck on this fantastic idea, and you don’t have any gutters laying around then you may want to do the same. Or better still keep a look out for them at some of your local garage sales. If you can recycle then more power to you. The plastic would be far more appropriate for this project rather than the metal type. Be sure to read the complete article on this project.

Branching into magnificent wall art


The sky is the limit when it comes to building your masterpiece of living wall art. What is going to be important is that you choose the right plants.
First what you want to do is draw your design out on a piece of paper, then actually color it in if you are going to go outside of the greens.
Then you need to pour through garden books to get a good idea of which plants are going to work well in your art piece. You are going to want plants that are hardy and don’t grow too big, and ones that you can train.
You can go for climbers and wall shrubs to fill in large areas.
Keep in mind how much sun or shade you wall is going to get. If it is going to be exposed to some shade then choose plants that will adapt to this.
You may want to experiment with your plants by growing them from seeds in small containers first. Before going out and buying a whole bunch of them.
We often think of wood when it comes to our outdoor living space, but in this image you see a classic example of how many different mediums can be blended together to help enhance the great outdoor living space.

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  1. I had an issue with the soil getting too hot during the summer months (zone 9). Is there any suggestions for plants that can handle the heat? Preferably something I can eat from.

  2. Hi Robert, the challenge for you in zone nine is to find plants that can withstand the heat but not over grow in these containers. There are lots of high heat fruit and veggies but they are too big. The one thing is to find early summer plants before the heat gets two intense. The other is to find dwarf varieties of veggies in the cabbage family. Another option which I haven’t explored is perhaps hydroponic?

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