DIY Teardrop Camping Trailer to Build at Your Leisure


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Looking deeper into this project I came across this great site. The trailer itself is a lot more involved but working with this will surely give you ideas for either.

Safari BaseCamp 10 is a homebuilt camper trailer that my dad and my brother and I built, with the help of some nearby craftsmen. One of the goals has been to create a self-sufficient system that facilitates a complete set of commodities without the need for hookups. Although many details were worked out during construction, there was quite a bit of prior planning and dreaming involved. It’s probably been over two years since the building began, and we’re still not done tweaking it. We took BaseCamp 10 on its first camping trip about a year ago.  Read More
If you decide to take on a big project like this take a look at some of the comments people have posted on the above.  You will pick up great improvement ideas.  You really do have a choice of keeping it simple like the teardrop camping trailer version, or something a little more complex like the above.  As I have mentioned, picking out the best features of them both, with a little bit of imagination and you will have a camping trailer to be proud of!



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