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This water feature idea involves adding fish to your creation.  Again this is a far cheaper alternative and gives you the added pleasure of looking after your fish..



~Big Pot  – You could get a tin tub or just a really large planter.  NO HOLE!

~Fountain with approriate tubing – Go pick one out & then ask the guy which parts you need to get for it.

~Medium-sized rocks  – for stacking up inside the pot

~A Lily Plant – You can get a bulb or one that’s already grown out a bit from the plants section

~Small pot – for the lily – in a dark color so it blends in


~Algae control chemical

~Goldfish & Goldfish Food – optional, of course


1. Put the rocks in the pot up to the edge.

2. Assemble the fountain (put together according to instructions) on the top rock.

3. If you buy a lily bulb, put it together according to the directions.  If you bought one already assembled – put it in the bottom or 2/3 of the way down.

4. Fill up the pot with water.

5.  Follow the instructions for adding the Dechlorinator.

6. Float your new goldfish in their store bag (to get them used to the temperature) for 15 min.

7. Turn on your fountain & add your fish!

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It is important to remember that the fish are entirely optional.  There are some enormous pots out there so take a look around and get creative!

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