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The Basics of Drywall Art: What You Need to Know in Order to Create Your Own Unique Look

You are going to find a lot of useful information here that we found on the Building Moxie site who are excellent at providing detailed information. You may want check out the various forms of drywall art before you jump right into it. First you may want to think about which room you would like to create the art for. As a starter project it probably wouldn’t be wise to tackle a whole wall to begin with. Start small and work yourself up into larger projects as your confidence grows. To get you started we found some excellent information at building moxie. This site is really impressive and helpful for those beginning to form an interest in this topic.

“The Basics of Drywall Art

Drywall Art above a Large Opening Have you ever considered drywall art for your home?

When it comes to making personalizing your home, there are a number of different things you can do; room remodeling, repainting, new appliances and fixtures, but artwork takes things to an entirely new level.

Consider this; the kind of artwork that a person hangs in his or her home can speak volumes about their personality, so doesn’t it make sense add something truly unique that your guests won’t find anywhere else?

Well you can with drywall art, and here’s what you need to do in order to create it:

* Know All About the Basics – Because drywall art is so versatile, it can work just about anywhere in the home.


Whether we’re talking about the kitchen, living room, bedroom, or anywhere else, there’s a way that you can incorporate drywall art into the design to help give the room the kind of look that turns heads and gets people talking.

You can also work this kind of art into areas like the windows and doors to complement the look you establish with the home’s various rooms.

* Prepare the Area Beforehand – When you need to do something as involved as drywall art installation, you want to make sure you take every step possible when it comes to preparation.

That means measuring and charting the area to ensure that you know how big the design needs to be. On top of that, you can draft up a rough sketch of the design and make it roughly the same size of what you want the final result to look like. This will show you just what works and where any improvements might need to be made.

Stone and Tree Drywall art above Arched Opening* Gather the Right Materials – No project can be complete without the right materials and, for this, you will need things like wood mold, nails, drywall netting and tape, drywall putty, a putty knife, and paint.

These are the three steps you need to follow in order to establish a strong foundation and, once you’ve followed them, you’re ready to get started.”

Continue on learning more of what you need to do at building moxie. (use the hyper link below) http://www.buildingmoxie.com/2012/08/creating-drywall-art/

If you are ready for more and you want to see this work in action then continue on for more

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  1. These reliefs are timeless, not out dated, as I saw suggested in a comment. They used to only be seen in the homes of royalty and the wealthy. I am entertaining taking on a project such as this soon.

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