Frozen Crafts That Are Sure to Please


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Frozen Fun Basics:

The first project we wanted to show you was basically how you can get the ice that you need. The great thing about some of these frozen crafts projects is that they also create a learning experience as well. It’s a real bonus when the kids can learn and have fun doing it.

As the adult you may want to watch this video once, so you can get what you need for the projects before you get the kids started on them.


Some of the kids aren’t going to have the patience to wait for the water to cool down in the freezer, so you can do this step prior to getting them involved in the activity. Once they have completed their creations, some will want to repeat the exercise, while others will want to preserve their creation. If it happens to be winter then you could take their finished pieces and set them on a outdoor window sill.

Most likely your young ones are now ready to have some more ice fun, so here is another frozen project that you are all sure to enjoy.

Little Frozen Hands