How To Prevent Dogs Urine From Killing Grass


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Alternative Approaches

Having decided that the above information is the best way to go, some people have had results with other alternative approaches. The following are a few examples.

So that one is an actual product that seems to be in pretty high demand.  I have also heard of the ‘rocks’ that you add to water which is supposed to alter the strength of the pee thereby you can prevent dogs urine from killing  grass.

Check out the following site that specialise in this approach

100% natural, proven & hassle free prevention & cure to canine grass burn patches.  No medication required, safe for all breeds of dogs and any other pet you share your household with.  Dog Rocks were discovered in Australia by an Aboriginal gardener in the 1990s.  The product has since been tried, tested, launched & sold into pet, vet and garden centre markets worldwide.  Over 1 million packs sold worldwide.  Source

There is just one more solution that some of you may want to consider and that is to keep the dog off the lawn.  This isnt an option for me because as I said I love to let my dogs romp around and play.


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So how to  prevent dogs urine from killing grass? I believe the best way is to use the advice that is documented in the first article.  If you see where your dog has peed you could try and quickly water it in, but you will always miss a few!  Add to that the sun will scorch wet grass too…its not always the perfect answer,

I would dearly love to hear of any success you may have had and I encourage you to leave your comments below…

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