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Camping is one of the most inexpensive ways to have a great family outing. That is of course you put to good use some of these amazing and intriguing camping ideas that we have collected for you.

tent floor comfortimage source:alittlecampy

tent camping is still a favorite of many and it really does lend to the whole roughing atmosphere. The ground can be a little hard though so people think of different ways to soften the sleeping quarters. Some go with camp cots which truly are not all that comfortable. Many use the new blow up beds which are great, but you have to be careful they don’t get punctured. Now here in the image you see a fantastic idea. These are those foam puzzle pieces that you can buy for the kids, or the foam matting that interlocks together. They really are a spacesaver for transporting when you have so many other types of camping gear to lug with you.


camp light

image source:flickr

What a neat way to expand your limited lighting especially when you arrive at the campgrounds after dusk and you now have the task of erecting your tent in the pitch black.


camping and ticks

Of course when you areĀ  camping you are going to run into all kinds of critters and insects. One that you want to avoid is ticks. What you can do to help deter them is fill a spray bottle with one part tea tree oil, with two parts water. Spray your feet, socks, shoes and pants area with this.

sage for mosquitoesimage source:google

Lets not forget about the mosquitoes. To help keep them at bay just bundle some sage leaves together and place them around your campsite.



camping wash station

image source: greatwildoutdoors

You always need a water source when camping and this means keeping a jug of water for drinking. But what about the water for washing up? Well, all you have to do is keep that laundry detergent container you use at home once its empty and you have the makings of a great wash station.


portable toilet for campingimage source:rootsimple

Now some of us don’t mind roughing it to a point. Using the bush for some business just may not be the favorite activity of some. If so then this simple to construct portable toilet may be the perfect solution. To find out the details how to make it visit here.


camp fire starters

Image source:pinterest

Getting the camp fire started is not always easy at least not unless you use these cotton swabs soaked in paraffin wax. They make a great fire starter.

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