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As you delve deeper into the do it yourself home made shampoo ideas, you are going to discover that there are so many different types of additions that you can make to the base shampoo. You may have a specific hair problem, such as dry hair, or dandruff for example. There will be many natural ingredient options that are best suited for your specific hair problem.

We found this great do it yourself hair post at shalomama.

“First, I was reading about this delightful homemade body wash.

And then one of my awesome readers posted her shampoo recipe  on my Facebook page (it’s in the fifth comment if you want to give it a try). Then I had the lightbulb moment – what if I took my favorite parts of each recipe (which happened to be what I had on hand) and mixed them together.

Turns out it was a good move, because I love the results.

First, it makes my normally dry hair super soft and I haven’t had any issues with flaky scalp since I started using it. I can also still go a few days between washings, which I really appreciate.

Second, it makes my husband’s normally oily hair super soft and non-greasy. Which is huge, as none of the recipes we’ve tried have been able to do that. Other people who have tested this recipe also loved how it made their hair feel. Hurray for successful recipes!”

Be sure to check out the whole story at and lots of great hair shampoo recipes at Shalomama

So no doubt if you have followed through with all our posts you may now have a good selection of home made shampoos siting on your shelf. You won’t want to miss our upcoming posts on how to make other home made products that will be fun, and could save you money and time too.


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