Most Fab DIY Attention Getters You Won’t Want to Miss


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There are tons of diy crafts and projects, and each to their own when it comes to likes and dislikes. As they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some do stand out more than others though, and we have collected a few diy attention getters that just in case you have missed them you have got to see. They are all unique and really creative. It really is a wonderful experience to see creativity in action. The best part is any one of these are liable to spark some creativity in you and you just might be the next DIY attention Getter!


The Cloud Light!




Images sources: youtube

Can you believe this was made from cotton and a few light for a baby shower! It is absolutely amazing, and drew the attention of over 3 million viewers and many of them were super impressed¬† and total shocked at what it was made out of , and didn’t hesitate to show it with their tumbs up approval.


Amazing Cherry Tomato Cutting You Have Just Got To Try!

cherry tomatoes


If you have ever cut up cherry tomatoes then you know how time consuming and aggravating this can be. It won’t be any longer though once you see this technique that Dave teaches. It is absolutely brilliant! In fact, it has drawn the attention of over 8 million viewers. You can see why we had to include it in our diy fab attention getters.


bag icecream


Ice Cream in a Bag? No Way!


If you are really hanging for some ice cream and there is none in the house to be found, and oh yes it happens to be midnight and none of the stores are open…then you are going to love remembering that you watched this video… just like the other 2.7 million viewers did

you will need a couple of plastic bags, some whole milk, some sugar, salt, ice cubes, and some flavoring of your choice….so go ahead and watch the video and see how easy this is


While we are on the topic of treats here…


fab cookies


image source:youtube


You are going to adore these graham cracker mashmellow hearts, and maybe as much or more than the other 2 million + viewers


Wow! These were great, and we hope you liked them as much as we did, as well as all the millions of viewers who seen them. Hats off to the bright individuals who came up with these ideas, and a great big thank you to them for sharing.