Regenerating Interest in DIY Larder Cupboards


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Depending on your age most likely you aren’t even really aware of what larder cupboards are. Technically they are a small compact cool cupboard where food can be contained to help them retain their freshness. In the old days they were used before refridgerators came on the scene. Now in a modified way they are making they way back into the modern kitchen. Here are some diy larder cupboards ideas that you may want to utilize.

double door larder cupboardimage source: thekitchn

To be a true larder cupboard it must contain a collection of things like shelves and put out drawers. They usually have a cold shelf that is made from steel or marble. Also normally they are floor to ceiling in height.

Tucked away larder cupboard:

Here is another version of one making good use of storage space:

lareder cupboard nookimage source:bhg

You could simply refer to this as just under stair storage but it has a lot of the makings of a larder cupboard, and really does make up some use of wasted space.

Full wall larder cupboard:


built in larder cupboardimage source:pinterest

This is a great way for making full use of the entire wall. This is a great idea building it around the refridgerator. Look at all the pull out shelving that is ideal for storing root veggies.

Retro Larder Cupboard:

retro larder cupboardimage source:ebay

If you have a retro kitchen then you will definitely want to fit in a retro larder cupboard. It is a good idea no matter what style larder cupboard you are going to have,make sure it has some type of ventilation.

Pull Out Version:

pull out larderimage source:servicecentral

Now this may not be traditional but what a fantastic idea for easy to get at storage. There is nothing you can’t reach here.

Another name for this wonderful storage item may be called a pantry, although this version of food storage is not quite as elaborate and usually not constructed with as much practicality or convenience. However, there are some exceptional designs available and some good tips as you will see here…

pantry designimage source:starcraftcustombuilders

Starcraft also offers some really good tips for the proper layout of your pantry. They talk about the three basic versions of pantries which are walk in, reach in and pull out. No matter which version suits you the best you want to choose the style that is going to be most convenient for you to use.

Smart Planning

larder cupboard storageimage source:uptodateinteriors

Take a really close look here at just how much this holds. If you were to use traditional cupboards for this it would take up a whole lot more room and not be nearly as organized. It all comes down to the way the shelving is situated and some good planning.