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So continuing with the summer theme, I found this wonderful DIY beach dress that the ladies can quickly and easily put together.  You can rest assured that when you are on the beach this year, you will be wearing your own unique design. This particular dress that I will feature below is so easy to make, and will be made to your own personal taste.


DIY White Beach DressDIY White Beach Dress

You need:

  • White Cotton
  • Scissors
  • Chalk Pencil
  • Elastic
  • Pins
  • Sewing Machine

Make an off the shoulder summer dress

1. Decide on how long you want your dress to be. This is pretty easy can be done by draping the fabric around yourself.

Make an off the shoulder summer dress

2. Wrap your elastic around yourself over your bust, stretch it a little but make sure it isn’t too tight.

Make an off the shoulder summer dress

3. Double the width of your elastic and mark this measurement by draw a line along the length of the fabric.

Make an off the shoulder summer dress

4. Fold the top of your fabric from the top towards the line and pin it in place.

Make an off the shoulder summer dress

5. Sew along the bottom of your folded fabric, leave a small gap between the start and finish.

Make an off the shoulder summer dress

6. Attach your elastic to something structured and thread it through the fabric loop you have created.



That really does look comfortable to wear and particularly cool.  It is the time of year where the shopping malls are full of different styles of beach dress.  There won’t be any as unique as this one, you will be able to choose your favorite colors too.  Have a great summer!

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